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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  August 25, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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get light out there. it is 7:00 on this wednesday morning, august 25th. thanks for joining us, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm sarah simmons. we'll get a check of weather and traffic. but with school starting up, trips through the drive- through, new numbers are out that might make you think twice when it comes to your kids. the physician's committee of responsible medicine is out with the worst five kids' meals. and much more on the 33 miners trapped underground in chile. they were able to survive for more than two weeks on just two days worth of food. but with a rescue possibly months away we'll look at the mental toll this will take on them. and yesterday we learned that existing home sales plunged 27% in july, down to the lowest level in 15 years.
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so coming up in the 9:00 hour, a housing specialist breaks down what this means in our area. first let's check in with tony perkins and look at our forecast. >> good morning to both of you and good morning, everybody. we have a cool start today with the temperatures in the 60s and a couple of viewers are seeing a brief shower down to the south. let's start with hd radar and show you where that is. there is not much happening at all. glancing at radar you would say it's dry and nothing is going on. but down to fredericksberg and east of 95 we're seeing some precipitation including one area of heavier rainfa but nas about it. this -- that's about it but we don't expect anything major out of that. current temperatures around the region. 68 now in washington. and in quantico it is 65. annapolis is 67. dulles is 67. and frederick, maryland, is at
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66 degrees. your forecast for today looks like this: a mix of clouds and sun today, a few brief showers possible, high about 82 degrees. that's a look at the weather. more coming up in just a little bit. right now let's go to julie wright and get an update on traffic. a lot happening out there this morning. now we take you to the crew in sky fox. i believe they're over the latest incident, outer loop of the beltway at the baltimore washington parkway. a truck lost a couple of cans of paint and tieing up the two right lane. now traffic driving through the paint. the outer loop, 495 out of greenbelt to college park, lanes are open continuing toward 95. big delays inbound along new york avenue because of the construction at bladensberg. 50 slows at the carrollton metro. 202 traffic slows from the bw parkway through peace cross. this morning there were problems along 16th street near
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the intersection of arkansas -- avenue. we were told there were scooters set on fire and then after that there were a couple of vehicles that caught fire. information is sketchy and police are asking for your help. if you know anything about this, report it to them. but as a result 16th street is closed off in each direction at arkansas with this ongoing investigation. inside, quickly, outer loop of the beltway slowing 95 to georgia. 270 on the brakes out of hyatts down to clarksburg where they have a message sign warning you of construction that is not set up. but that's the focal point of the southbound delay out of frederick. and new york avenue, all lanes open at bladensberg but into northeast, delays at new carrollton off of inbound 50. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our top story this morning, d.c.'s primary election around the corner and the race for mayor continues to heat up. >> an unusual move by the mayor to try to get thousands more
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voters involved in the race is not sitting well with vincent gray. stacy cohan joins us live from northwest d.c. with the details on this one. stacy. >> reporter: good morning. and that issue is whether or not thousands of unaffiliated voters, those not registered democrat or republican, can vote. and that's whether or not the board of elections are willing to change the rule this is close to the election. and the leading candidates are in a tight race. they had a debate last night a synogogue in northwest washington. fenty believes they should have a voice in the election. vincent gray said the mayor is simply running scared. take a look at numbers and that gives you an idea how crucial
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the votes are. 332,000 registered democrats. and just about 73 registered independent. that 73,000 is a big number and there are 4,320 in the green party. >> i think it's safe to say that there are independents that would support us and there are independents that would support other candidates as well. >> obviously he's concerned. if you feel like you need to bring that in at this stage, that clearly shows concern to me. >> reporter: the board of elections will hold the special meeting at 8:30 this morning and we'll learn more earlier this morning if not very soon as to what the decision is regarding the independent voters. i'm stacy cohan, back to you. on the national level now, it turns out not all incumbents are a endangered spaceys. a few of the so-called establishment candidates got
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caught up in a wave of voter anger. fox's molly henenberg has more from capitol hill. >> reporter: there may be an upset in the works in the last frontier. alaska republican senator lisa merkowski is trailing her tea party and votes continue to be counted. g.o.p. senator lisa merkowski was expected to win easily in her term for the senate but attorney joe miller who describes himself a constitutional conservative had strong last minute get the vote out efforts, including sarah palin. in florida another outsider had a big night for governor. rick scott, who spent $39 million of his own money defeated bill mccullum. >> the message is it's time to clean house and hold government accountable. >> reporter: he will face democrat alex sync in the
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general election. establishment candidates had their nights. kendrick meek came back to win his primary race for senate. >> it shows that this campaign has the strength, the integrity, the will and desire to win against the odds. >> reporter: but he's still in a tough battle in the general election against republican marco rubio and independent and current governor charlie crist. in arizona republican senator and former presidential candidate john mccain won his primeary after fending off a challenge from former congressman jd hey worth. in arizona ben quail won the g.o.p. primary, the son of dan quayle. in washington, molly henenberg, fox news. >> and we'll look at last night's results when we are joined bipartisan -- by our
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partisan team later this morning. a 17-year-old electrocuted last night trying to chop down a neighbor's tree. it happened at about 7:00 on barrett street in fairfax. a tree branch fell against power lines shocking the teen. he died a short lime late -- a short time later. he was the area handyman and he did have a fascination with all things electric. >> he went out doing what he loved. he was -- he was doing something that was his passion. he would do anything for anybody and that's the real sad part about it. he was a good kid. >> officials recommend that you stay at least 10 feet away from power lines when working and when in doubt always consult an
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expert. in monday morning crews were called to a area where a woman's body was found. before the fire was started, she asked about filing a missing person's report. a man reported the fire and discovery of human remains. police are not ruling anyone out at this point. >> the family will be talked to, provided their willing to cooperate, neighbors, co- workers and friends and anybody we can talk to to shed light on this. >> authorities are waiting on autopsy results to determine the cause of death. well a frightening trip home for a 12-year-old boy on his first day of school. jeremy glove was told to hop a ride home on a van contracted by the school system. apparently the department of transportation yellow bus that brought him to school was apparently late.
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something the school system denies. but the driver reportedly detoured from his original route and dropped him off at his home two hours late. the driver has been taken off d.c. routes. the attorney general out with another opinion on a controversial issue. this time ken cuccinelli is ruling in on religious displays by governments. they are asking to put on a display of jesus and cuccinelli said yes, as long as others are able to put their own holiday displays out. coming up on fox 5 morning news, football fans know in a redskin's quarterback donovan mcnabb has had problem with the injury bug and this is what folks did not want to see. coming up, how long his bum ankle could keep him off the field. and the man in charge of
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the largest school system is stepping down. why jerry wiest says he is moving on after the school year ends. and a live look at the 14th street bridge. new traffic patterns in place there. it is 7:10 now on this wednesday morning and we have the latest weather and traffic coming up after the break. stay with us.
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welcome back on this august 25th as we take a live look out of our nation's capital this morning. a little bit hazy out there this morning but the sun is getting ready to rise on a slightly warmer day than we had yesterday. >> not bad. yesterday we only got up to 75 degrees. this morning we have mostly cloudy skies. we're going to see a mix of clouds and sun today and looking for highs back into the low 80s.
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so that is still below normal. right now reagan national is reporting a temperature of 68 degrees. that temperature has gone up in the last hour. relative humidity at 76% and breeze out of the northwest at 3 mile-per-hour and the barometric pressure is on the rise. here is a look at the satellite radar for the region. you saw the live shot from the tower cam so you can see there are some clouds out there this morning, fairly good amount of cloud cover. down to the south, that's the closest precipitation we have, to the south and east of fredericksberg, east of 95. one little spot where the rain is heavier than it is elsewhere. that is continuing to track do the east northeast. want to mention there is a coastal flood advisory in effect until noon today because of high tides, full moon and that type of thing, and easterly flow keeping the waters higher than normal. mix of sun and clouds today. a few brief showers here and there. you saw that activity down to the south and high of 82 degrees. that's a look at the weather.
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we'll have more coming up in a little bit. >> thank you, tony. let's check in with julie wright for traffic this morning. >> hey, you guys, it's been quite the commute through northeast washington. it started off with the construction along new york avenue late to clear and now finally all lanes are open. traveling the top side of the beltway, a truck lost a couple of cans of paint on the right side of the bw. everyone is trying through that so be careful. the outer loop slow from 95 to georgia. 270 at falls road, lanes open headed for the split. big delays out of clarksburg talking about construction not in place yet. but that's the focal point. leaving i-70 to 121. delays inbound on 50 begin back at the new carrollton metro station. slow 110 out of riverdale and delays leaving the bw through
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peace cross. overnight there were some problems with scooters that were set on fire. you'll find the activity in the on going investigation at arkansas avenue, remaining closed until further notice. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. more students in maryland headed back to school today as schools in caroline county, garret and st. mary's county opening up after the summer break today. and we have all of your back to school information for maryland, d.c. and virginia. just log on to and you'll find everything you need under the hot topics bar on the home page. both maryland and the district running the race to the top for better schools and both in the top ten list of school areas showing the most improvement and that means grants from a federal program worth $75 million for d.c., $250 million for maryland. and a lot of potential for both. >> in this time of economic
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difficulties, this is going to really ensure that we can keep the innovations and the aggressive reform efforts moving forward. >> the grants were issued based on standards that prepare students for college and beyond, recruiting and retaining effective teachers and measure the growth and achievements of students. the head of montgomery county schools is on his way out. dr. jerry wiest has announced he'll retire at the end of the school year. fox 5's john henrehan found out why wiest is giving up his position. >> reporter: as volunteer as sembled school supply backpacks in anticipation of classes starting on monday in montgomery county, the systems' superintendent came by to cheer on the efforts. >> hi, how are you? >> reporter: jeffy wiest has headed montgomery county schools for the past 11 year and he has now told the board of education he's weary of 16- hour days.
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>> i certainly have grown weary of long meetings and many meetings. that comes with 35 years. >> reporter: by most measures wiest's tenure has been a success. he pored resources into the element schools in the lower part of the county where a heavy immigrant population resides and test scores there over the years have risen sharply. at high school level, last week they learned the graduating class of 2010 beat national and state averages on the s.a.t. entrance exam. they have the highest graduation rate in the country. wiest has annoyed with his relentless lobbying for expenditures. here is a clip from 2009. >> a budget is about getting through this valley without hammering those kids. i'm not sure we're going to be able to do it this time.
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>> reporter: but the teachers' union liked jerry wiest. >> what would you give him a grade over the 11 years to date. >> i would say a-plus, b-minus. i think he's been a good september. >> reporter: he said after leaving this school year he may take a sabbatical and then look at other work. >> i want to leave while our system is still thriving and growing. >> reporter: the school board in montgomery county will probably begin the search for his replacement early next year. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> montgomery county has the largest school system in maryland with about 142,000 students. it is the 16th largest in the u.s. it is spurred economic growth and created millions of jobs but the bill is growing by the billions. that's next. and the former department of agriculture employee fired over racial controversy decides whether or not she'll return to the agency. more on shire sherrod's decision next. and the d.c. area hope to
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the top flying unit in the country. holly is live at andrew's afb with a look at more.
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making headlines this morning, the president's stimulus bill has created or saved more than 3 million jobs and spurred economic growth but now congressional analysts say it will cost $814 billion. and ten weeks before mid-term elections republicans are using the issue to try to hammer democrats. and the justice department said it will appeal a federal judge's ruling. the ruling temporarily blocked federally funded research using human embryonic stem cells. the judge ruled it violates a law prohibiting using taxpayer money for destroying a human embryo. the appeal should be filed this week. the former department of agriculture employee fired over
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a racial controversy will not return to the agency. sherry sherrod made that announcement next to the man who fired her. she was accused of making comments during a video and it turns out they were edited. she said she didn't think the timing was right. coming up, after cutting staff members and entire sections of the newspaper, a change in ownership is coming to the washington times. also coming up, new numbers out that might make you think twice about fast food choices for your kids. the top five worst fast food kids' meals. and interstate 270, traffic is moving along this morning. we'll get an update on your traffic situation and the weather coming up after the break. it is now 7:25.
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back now with our top stories. d.c.s a mayoral primary is less than three weeks away and there is new developments. fox 5 caught up with mayor adrian fenty and council chair vincent gray outside of the synogogue in northwest d.c. people lined up there to watch the debate. well mayor fenty is sending his lawyer to the election board for money emergency meeting today with a plan to bring in
7:29 am
thousands more votes. the board will take up the issue at 8:30 this morning. meantime gray is criticizing fenty's action. >> our attorneys want to get a clarification on whether or not the law that the council passed, whether that allows people who are either independent or haven't declared any party at all to register as democrats before the election. >> well i think it's a very inappropriate thing to do. i can't imagine the board of elections and ethics at this point would begin changing rules. >> and we'll check back in with stacy cohan coming up at the top of the 8:00 hour on this very story. there is a deal this morning to sell the washington times. the newspaper owned by the unification church will buy the times. last winter they cut 40% of the
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staff, stop publishing on sundays and eliminated the sports section. and let's get another check of the weather. if you liked yesterday, you'll like today. >> it's going to be warm today and nice. i think with temperatures in the low 80s. here is your weather headlines for today and next several days. a few things going on. first of all, as far as rain goes, we're seeing shower activity down to the south. but just a little bit. tomorrow, dry and sunny. and then below 90 through the weekend, on sunday we'll approach 90. we'll approach 90 on sunday. but for the next couple of days very nice. and hurricane danielle is on the move. and we'll show her to you. but first let's look at teams around the region. 68 degrees right now in washington. baltimore is at 65.
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fredericksberg is 68. dulles airport is 67. frederick, maryland, is 66 degrees at this hour. satellite radar composite. you've seen the mix of clouds and sun. clouds winning out, particularly do you know to the south with cloud cover. and that's where the precipitation is, 95 south and east of fredericksberg, continuing to track to the north and east. that's it for shower activity. nothing happening around the washington area. now let's pull this out a little bit. if you're looking for precip, there is significant precipitation down in south central virginia. some of the heavier storms diminishing as it pushes into north carolina and that is tracking south ward so that won't be impacting us during the course of the day today. hurricane danielle, we mentioned her. category one storm. she was category two at one point yesterday. maximum sustained winds 85 miles per hour. danielle continues on a north,
7:32 am
northwesterly track but we believe takes a turn to the north and literally over the weekend by monday morning still way out to sea. at this point we still have no watches or advisories or anything in the east coast of the united states and it's possible we won't. we'll have to wait and see where the storm goes. forecast for washington for today looks like this, a mix of sun and clouds, high of 82 degrees. your five-day forecast, we told you tomorrow it is dry, warm, 84 degrees. a nice day. friday is a nice one as well. cool friday night into saturday. overnight lows into the 50s. and then we get back up to the upper 80s for sundaych that's a look at the weather. now let's get another look at traffic with julie wright. it has been a tough day out there on the roads. new problem to report right now in montgomery county. tony work with me behind this camera. if we can get them to hold it still. i know they're trying to get a close-up. there is a bus involved in a crash southbound along 355 south of shady grove in ridge
7:33 am
mont. that's where we have the accident activity and callers are telling us nobody is moving. there were ten passengers on the bus and no word of injuries at this time. but southbound 355 closed at shady grove road. from there you can take shady grove over to 270 and continue southbound but 355 past the comfort in is shut down at shady grove. northbound lanes are open. still dealing with big delays off of 350 into northeast washington. all of that due to late- clearing construction at new york and bladensberg road which has finally cleared. 66 slow in on the brakes nutley street to the beltway and slow between 50 and 123. inbound stretch of the dulles toll road at the construction plaza, delays for that begin back at wolf trap. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. now our big story this morning, former presidential candidate john mccain the
7:34 am
winner in the arizona primary. voters there and in two other states heading to the polls. in alaska there is a neck and neck race. in florida rick scott beat mccullum and in florida's senate primary, kendrick meek beat jeff greene. to help us break it down is peter fenn and republican political strategist jim innocenzi. got everybody back together again. summer vacation is over. >> it never happened for me. >> he's never going back to work. >> we had a lot of primaries yesterday. and we mentioned the primaries. alaska still too close to call at this point? >> it's too close to call but it's looking like mccloskey may go down. it's 3,000 votes -- >> there is 60,000 absentee votes to be counted and they're looking at next week to call.
7:35 am
it and that's almost a family feud. she beat her dad -- sarah palin beat her dad and now coming back to take out the daughter. you can't read anything other than it's a family thing. >> another victory for palin. >> and she supported john mccain too. and the reports were close but i don't know if that's from his post. >> well $21 million he spent on a primary. he overwhelmed hey worth and he was trying to get people to call in and get your free money. once that commercial hit, he nosedived. >> for john mccain, peter is right, $21 million to get 56% of the republican vote isn't necessarily an overwhelming victory. that means that 44% of the republicans didn't vote for
7:36 am
this guy. but $21 million against a flawed candidate in jd hey worth is how you win them. >> and speaking of money, let's head down to florida. a lot of great stories out of florida. let's talk about the governor race. rick scott putting out by some estimates $50 million of his own money to put into the campaign, including $40 million in advertising. you've dealt with this. that sounds like a sizable budget to put into a primary, but he won. >> -- he did. and they went after the absentee vote. and i have clients down in florida. what you saw was mccullum came on strong at the end because they finally had enough money to keep against the $50 million. and my guess is when you analyze this afterwards, mccullum maybe lost on election day but lost in early voting because all of the baggage about rick scott and his medicare fraud and the other things that he's done -- >> this guy, i think he may be toast in the general election
7:37 am
and the republicans are very worried about him. >> because he's running against a democrat. >> no. but medicare and medicaid fraud, this guy runs his company and pays 1.7 billions in fines. i'm not sure money can buy him the general election. >> and let's talk about the kendrick meek beating another billionaire, jeff greene. but sets up a nice matchup. and we have a couple of big names, and meek up against crist. >> let's note for the record he was pointing at jim. >> this guy, greene was a terribly flawed candidate too. but this is going to be very interesting for a race. and the question is does rubio
7:38 am
benefit now by having meek in there? meek will do better i think than greene would amongst democrats and could he slip through and win this? >> does it help? >> he should have had his sleeves because they probably had a better chance. this helps marco rubio because the base democrat vote will be split between the squishes and the african-american vote and so the conservatives and the sort of diseffected democrats, those upset about what is going on in washington, d.c., will go to rubio. so i think right now the advantage is rubio with two months to go. >> turnout not heavy for the florida primary. quite a bit of rain in the state too. that might have something to do with it. and can we take anything granted, these are primaries, can we take anything from this? >> no. you have to look at each case individually. john mccain had been in trouble
7:39 am
if hey worth had not been so flawed. had mccullum had as money money as scott, he probably would have won. but folks like us like to sit there and say there is some magic going on up here and we don't know the answers. well maybe peter does. >> agree with jim. and people say the tea party is doing great, well they are not doing so great. and it looks like it kicks in in alaska is mccosky loses. but you have a situation where does money talk? yes. do voters get it in the end of the day? yes they do and it's a mixed bag. >> before we go, we wanted to talk about what was going on yesterday between the white house and john baner. baner set this up and came out during his speech and called for the president to get rid of the entire economic team. but what this led into, now i'm
7:40 am
not a big twitter fan, i follow a few people. and for me one of them i follow is the press office at the white house. and this ended up being a twitter battle between robert gibbs and john baner, which seemed strange to see direct jabs back and forth over the world of twitter. is this the future of politics now f. we could settle things in under 140 characters or less it would save us all a lot of time. >> i think the problem you see is that the white house is worried is that john baner will dictate economic policy. and it's about time somebody came out and called for the guys to resign. they have two years now and they have failed. and good for john baner. and the fact that gibbs had to come back -- he was on vacation. >> poor guy twittering on vacation. and there is a nice piece in the post talking about john baner's one-liners and it follows your important about
7:41 am
twittering. but i think his speech will go was a cheap shot. it was a terrible mistake, i think, calling for the reinstitution of the tax breaks on the top americans. the average millionaire buys a $100,000 rebate and can buy a lexus and the average person out there doesn't get enough of a rebate to pay for a set of tires. >> what about the small business? $30billion in loans for small business. >> i'll let you two continue to battle. you can twitter out there and put it out for the world to see. we'll end it for this week and we'll see what happens in the next six days and see you in seven. coming up, donovan mcnabb will miss the game against the jets but how bad is the ankle injury? is it worse than we think or is
7:42 am
this just a preventative measure. coach shanahan will talk coming up after the break.
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in the buzz bin this morning, something went wrong at a texas rangers baseball game. look at this. it happened during a pregame jump over the stadium in arlington, texas. you saw it there. u.s. army sky diver got tangled up on a flagpole and was left dangling. luckily he was not hurt and he was able to unbuckle himself from the shoot and climb down. >> wow, scary stuff. >> really in the perfect place to be able to just unbuckle. >> hang up on there. rather than falling into the crowd. that would not be good. >> no. there were a whole bunch of them coming down. kind of crazy. listen, we have fine weather conditions around the region this morning. a little bit of a shower down to our south. that is about it. current temperatures in the
7:46 am
60s. not bad at all. across the region we're in the 60s. 68-degree right now in the district. in boston, rain and 63. 67 down in richmond. beckley, west virginia is at 63 degrees. here is the satellite radar for the region. we've got a mix of clouds and clear sky this morning. officially at reagan national they're calling it overcast skies. across the mid-atlantic you see more cloud cover, particularly from washington to points south. if you head further north into northeastern maryland, you have clear skies there. that's a frontal boundy out to the west coming through detroit and it's passed through chicago. that frontal boundary will bring a cloud or two and then bringing cooler, drier air for thursday and on friday a lot of sunshine. here is your five-day forecast. high today 82 degrees. a couple of showers here and there. that's it. most people will not see rain today. there might be a couple of showers, yes. but again most people will not
7:47 am
see rain. why am i repeating that? because if i see you out and about this afternoon i don't want you to say "i thought you said it was going to rain." temperatures into the 50s on friday and saturday. >> it safe to say we've peaked for the summer. >> i don't know. what is going on in your life? i can't say for sure. tucker is learning around. do you have an opinion? >> [ inaudible ] >> we do have some more 90s coming. every year on average we peaked. our average high is beginning to drop. >> thanks, tony. got to get to julie wright because we have a developing situation she's on top of. >> the skew in sky fox is back with the crash that occurred in rockville southbound along 355. crash involving a sleep-in van and metro bus. ten people were on the bus. they were busy extracting
7:48 am
people off the bus, 3' at shady grove and the roadway shut down in each direction at ridge mont. so down near the entrance of king's farm. that's where this occurred. so traveling south of shady grove and 28, this is going to effect your commute in each direction. so again, there is a the sleep- in van and we just saw the metro bus. so they are busy extracting people. we are not sure of the injuries but we do have injuries as we sigh one person loaded up and taken away from the scene. we'll keep you posted as it becomes available, but the commute along 355 between shady grove and 28, road shut down at rim mont south of shady grove in front of one of the king's farm entrances. so the road blocked off in each direction. 270 is a good option coming southbound off of 355, pick up shady grove and head over to 270 and use that as the work around. 355 shut down in each direction here at the entrance for king
7:49 am
farm south of shady grove road. on the the outer loop, slowing 95 to georgia. 395 across the 14th street bridge, lanes are open, no incidents to report. inbound stretch of the dulles toll road, construction in place blocking the left lane. delays for that beginning back at hunter mill road. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. redskin quarterback donovan mcnabb is going to miss friday's game against the jets because of his sprained left ankle. he was unable to play since saturday and losing to the ravens. shanahan said number 5's ankle is quite sore. >> there is nothing you can do about it. somebody sprains an ankle, they sprain an ankle and it's quite sore and i don't think he could go on a regular season game so he has to rehab it and get it better. well, coming up next, their job is to protect the nation's security from the skies. >> and now they've been rewarded for all of their work and holly is with them this
7:50 am
morning at andrew's afb and we'll check in with her. she's getting debriefed. we'll talk to her.
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7:52 am
7 clan 52 right now. -- 7:52 right now. the spots award is given as an
7:53 am
honor. >> and holly has more. this is interesting. >> reporter: to say this is a bill deal is an understate. the 113th air national guard is coming off one of the biggest years in history in 2009. they performed with exemplary service and they are named the top flying section. and you look like you should be on the cover of a magazine there. congratulations to you. >> thank you very much, holly. >> reporter: this is very exciting. and the second time that you guys have won this award. >> it is -- in history. but it's been a few years. >> reporter: so are you surprised? >> actually i was surprised but i wasn't -- well i wasn't surprised. i was happy but not surprised. >> reporter: so explain to everybody, since you have it in hand here, i have to say i
7:54 am
thought it would be bigger. i think it should be bigger but it's very understated. >> it's lead crystals so it's a nice quality. >> and you are not promoting yourself so it goes with what you do. so explain what it took to win the spot as ward and what you do on a daily basis to get this credit. >> reporter: it is awarded to the best flying unit in the air national guard not in the country so i want to correct you. >> but i said the air national guard in the country, right? >> but i don't want to overstate it. but we are very proud. and it's awarded to the best flying unit based on the things they do during the year and the performance and many events occurring during the year and how you live up to them. and in 2009 we had a big year. >> reporter: and why was it a big year? >> the biggest thing we did was supporting the presidential inauguration. the d.c. national guard, including both the army and air participated with a whole bunch
7:55 am
of national guardsmen helping to provide security for the inauguration and that was just a huge effort which almost every one of our people in the 113th supported. followed after that we had a major inspection which we did extremely well in and it was years of work to get ready to prove our combat-readiness. and after that we had folks who had to deploy after that to iraq, some of them for as long as a year. so we had a huge, huge year including here at the 201st squadron. we did gel grace flights all over the world and we had improvements. so it was a great year for the capital guard. >> reporter: so people understand, the plane over here is where you do your v.i.p. runs, right? >> yeah. we call them congressional delegations that we fly all over the world but we fly other nation's leaders to where they
7:56 am
need to go. >> reporter: and was i reading correctly in the year of 2009 you responded to some 300 air alerts? >> yes. we have the busiest air sovereign area in the nation and that's one of the reasons we were selected and we had a major inspection and we did well on that. >> reporter: and one of the objects you have to overcome is the same personnel and do the same mission? >> it's a challenge recruiting in the d.c. area and we got this done with some personnel shortages. we're working through those. budgets are tight for everyone and so getting that one done in a difficult fiscal environment with the downturn of the economy, it is a tribute of our people and we have 1200 people that came together in 2009 and did some great work. >> reporter: your motto is guardians of offense. just another day on the job for
7:57 am
you, i'm assuming? >> that's the way our people are. they do it without a lot of accolade or recognition. so it's nice they got this award but they are quiet heroes that do a lot for our facing and i got to receive this award on they're behalf in austin. >> and we're grateful for what you do. coming up in the next hour, we'll take you on board this mane as we learn more about the 113th wing -- i want to get it right -- the 113th wing does here at andrew's afb. meanwhile fox 5 morning news will continue after the break. stay with us.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
three weeks until the d.c. primary and mayor fenty running for re-election wants to change the rules. you can imagine that's not sitting well with council chair vincent gray. hear from both of them ahead this hour. and it could be christmas time before rescue crews get to the 33 miners trapped underground. psychiatrists lisa van sustern joins us to discuss the mental toll of being trapped for so lock and what they could be doing to cope with this.
8:01 am
>> and then we'll check out the five worst fast food meals geared for kids and talk about why they are so bad. good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm sarah simmons. it is back to school today for students in caroline, garret and st. mary's county in maryland. so be extra alert for the little ones out on the road this morning. >> we are also staying on top of breaking news out on the roads as a ride-on bus and hotel van crashed along route 355 and ridge mont road in rockville. right now 355 southbound is shut down. we are also hearing, as you can see there, as they treat some of the people involved that there may be some serious injuries but we don't have the details yet. we'll check in with julie wright in a minute as far as the traffic situation there. but first let's look at the forecast and with that we say good morning to tony perkins. >> we'll breeze through this to get to julie. we have cool conditions around the region with temperatures in the 60s.
8:02 am
take a look. right now in the nation's capital our current temperature is 68 degrees, relative humidity 76%. a breeze at 3 mile-per-hour out of the northwest. a mix of clouds and sun this morning as it shall be for most of the day today. the thick cloud cover down to the south and precipitation move ago cross an area south and east of the district. we'll keep our eyes on that. there's been a little bit of heavy rain with that system. your day planner today, mix of clouds and sun, maybe a stray shower or two here or there. highs into the low 80s. more on all of that coming up in just a little bit. want to get to julie wright with more on what is happening in the rockville area. julie, 355 shut down? >> yes, sir. shut down in each direction. and sky fox was there a few moments ago when we were watching people being off- loaded from the van, transported away from the scene. and there was a metro bus involved.
8:03 am
it was at the entrance of king's farms. that's in better perspective. south of shady grove shut down in both direction at ridge mont and several people being tended to at the scene so the roadway is closed. and that's the entrance for king farm off of 355. so it puts it south of the pb gasoline355. but the northbound side of the highway also shut down. so between shady grove and 28, the best bet is bail off 28 and head over to 270 and use that as the work-around through the rock ville interchanges. but 355 closed off in each direction at this time. inbound stretch of the dulles toll road. delays beginning back at hunter mill road. 7100 also feeling bailout there and that too is very slow as it parallels the toll road. inbound new york avenue, this is our big story this morning where they had late-clearing construction and as a result still jam packed out of riverdale and cheverly headed into northeast.
8:04 am
that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. d.c. mayor adrian fenty sending his lawyer to the election board for money emergency meeting. the mayor wants people that are nonaffiliated to help decide the race between himself and vincent gray. mass acland has more on today's top story. >> reporter: people lined up for an hour before tonight's debate at the synogogue. the changes in election rules wasn't known to many but most just wanted to know who would be a better job to rule the city. >> i am optimistic and think vincent gray will run the city. >> reporter: but behind the scenes, this is a major focus. tonight the mayor explained why he wants the board to allow independent voters to vote in the primary. >> our attorneys want to get a
8:05 am
clarification on whether or not the law that the council passed, whether that allows people who are either independent or haven't declared any party at all to register as democrats before the election. >> reporter: chairman gray said this is a sign the mayor is running scared. >> obviously he's concerned. if you feel you have to bring people into the electorate at this stage, that shows concern to me. >> reporter: independents do make up a large part of the voting block. take a look at the numbers. if the rules are changed, fenty or gray could benefit from having 73,000 additional votes. >> it's safe to say there are probably independents who would support us and there are those that would support other candidates as well. >> i think it's an inappropriate thing to do. i can't imagine the board of elections and ethics at this point would begin changing rules. >> reporter: with three weeks
8:06 am
out we asked both candidates how they feel about the final stage? >> i feel very good and i feel blessed to have so much support across the city. >> it's exciting. three weeks left to go, 504 hours. >> nobody is counting, right, sir? >> the board will take up the issue in 25 minutes at 8:30 this morning. now also today vincent gray released his first tv ad. >> times are tough for many folks in d.c., but not for adrian fenty's cronies. >> the ad goes on to name two of the mayor's fraternity contracts. this is gray's first ad of the campaign. fenty has had ads out for several weeks now. around the country voters het the polls in primary races in five states. ainsley earhart has this
8:07 am
morning's election round-up. >> reporter: facing off for governor, democratallic sink and republican rick scott pulled off a surprising win, the republican party at its best is a party that guards the american dream. [ applause ] >> and pledges to keep that dream alive for the next generation. >> reporter: it will be a three- way fight come november for one of the florida senate seats with charlie crist swapping to run as an independent. >> you have two parties at war and it creates gridlock on washington and nothing gets done. >> reporter: he'll meet with rubio and meeks. >> i want to thank everyone who voted to make me the democratic nominee and eventually the next senator of the state of arizona. >> reporter: jan brewer spoke.
8:08 am
>> i have become a supporter. >> reporter: she'll go against terry goddard. and also john mccain defeating former congressman jd hayworth. >> i promise you i take nothing for granted, i'll fight with every ounce of strength and conviction i can to make my case for the continued service in the senate. >> reporter: he will go head to head with former tucson city councilman. >> primaries will held in vermont, oklahoma and alaska. that's where a political november is named joe miller may push lisa murkowski out of the office there. he was backed by sarah palin and the tea party activists. he's leading 51% to 49%. if mill erwins merkowski would be the 7th republican to lose
8:09 am
within a year. four cars and three schoolers were found along 16th street around piney branch park at 4:00 this morning. no word on what started the flames. but arkansas avenue is still shut down at 16th street. so be aware of that. 9 minutes past 8:00 this morning and we'll check other top stories coming up, including a screw-up on a local school bus into and the five worst fast food meals geared for kids and why they are so bad. we'll be right back.
8:10 am
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nc ♪ making headlines this morning, a local marine has been killed fighting in afghanistan. sergeant ronald rodriguez died on monday during a combat operation when a roadside bomb exploded. the 26-year-old-year-old was from falls church and this was his first deployment to
8:13 am
afghanistan after serving in iraq in 2003 and 2004. a teenager is elect cuted while trying to trim a neighbor's tree. one of the branches fell against a power line electrocuting a 17-year-old. he died a short time later at the hospital. he was getting ready to start his senior year at fairfax hospital. and now for a frightening trip home on the first day home from school. jeremy glover was told to hop a ride on a bus because the bus that brought him to school was late, something the school system denied. but the driver detoured and dropped glover off at his home two hours late. the driver has since been taken off the public school route. let's check with tony perkins as we get closer to 8:14 and something we like to call the bonus factor. >> yes. >> i'm intrigued. >> we call it the bonus factor
8:14 am
but the actual name is called the my first 5 photo of the day. the subject is 5 years old. >> she's beautiful. >> beautiful eyes and smile. and this is carol. and we're told carol loves swimming and either wants to be a model or a spanish teacher when she grows up. >> i think she could do both. >> she looks leek a podel. that's great. and i like that -- she wants to be a spanish teacher. very cool. thank you for sending it in. to send us your child's picture, she is adorable, go to and click on mornings. here we go. take a look at the current temperatures around the region. 68 degrees right now here in washington. dulles airport is at 67 degrees. baltimore is 65. frederick, maryland is 66. it's 68 degrees at patuxent
8:15 am
naval air station. ocean city is at 64 degrees. i just stepped outside of our fabulous fox studios, the official name and it's completely cloudy here in washington. cloudy skies across the region there on the satellite image. there is rain down to the south and east that will push across portions of southern maryland eventually and lower portions of the chesapeake bay. speaking of the bay, coastal flood advisory in effect for coastal regions due to high tide, a little bit above normal. there could be minor flooding due to the high tides. the moon is full, essentially. high today 82, a shower or two here or there. for tomorrow we will have 84 degrees. it's going to be nice tomorrow. a cold front could come through. that could bring clouds, we don't think it will bring any precipitation. friday dry and nice. not humid. saturday will be a fine weekend day. sunny and 84.
8:16 am
and then on sunday we warm up again. it will be warmer and humid, high of 89 degrees. that's a look at the weather. we'll have more coming up in a little bit, but right now here is julie wright with the latest. >> i didn't forget. happy birthday tony p. did you get my gift? i sent it to you? >> i didn't get it, no. >> it was that million dollar check. >> i'll look for those. especially the check. beltway still below speed 95 do georgia and starty in rockville, sky fox over a serious crash which involved a van and metro bus. this accident occurred along 355 and we have the road shut down at ridge mont south of shady grove road. so there was the van involved in this. we're told 11-11 people have been transported away. there was one person involved in this crash suffering from life-threatening injuries.
8:17 am
and another person transported away suffering from nonlife- threatening injuries. we're also getting preliminary results that tell us that the bus apparently -- the van rather made a u-turn in front of the bus and the bus swerved to miss that van and as a result ended up here on the sidewalk at the entrance for king's farms. to again 355 closed off in each direction south of shady grove at ridge monday. southbound, use shady grove to 270 as the work around. inbound stretch of the dulles toll road, construction in place blocking the left lane. delays leaving hunter mill. the big story this morning was bladensberg road. delays out of riverdale and cheverly into northeast. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. the physician's committee for responsible medicine said some fast food meals for children are anything but kid- friendly. susan levin is the head of nutrition and education and joins us with a look at this new report. were you surprised when you
8:18 am
looked at this. i'm guessing maybe not so much when we talk about fast food, but was there a certain part that surprised you? >> i think the amount of fat in each meal is surprising considering how little we need in our diet. and the marketing behind the packaged meals is disheartening. >> and i know the attention is on kids and anybody who has kids knows they are attracted to fast food in some way. >> i don't think it's any big mystery with the colorful packaging, the toys, commercials on tv, it's hardly a fair fight for kids. >> but it's tough to come up with other options when the kids are saying take me to such and such. >> and until the kids are driving the car, you can choose to go somewhere else. and there are other options like subway, get a advantagey sandwich. taco bell, a bean burr eat ow
8:19 am
and there are options. >> and we found in the study, the five worst meals, we'll start with number five and work up to number one, being the worst. and number five, from burger king, the bk kids breakfast with 95 milligrams of sodium and this is a muffin sandwich. >> pretty much. considering we need no cholesterol in our diet that much cholesterol in one sandwich is way too much. >> so it was cholesterol that was too much? >> it was. because of the eggs and cheese. >> and we asked the fast food companies to respond to this. and one of them responded, and one of them was burger king and they said they're statement to us, they're saying this meal does meet their standards when it comes to providing good sources of protein, pet as rum,
8:20 am
calcium and balances of no more than 560 colories from meals. >> and i suggest maybe parents have a different set of criteria, which is high in fiber, low in fat and more nutrients. >> and number four is from a&w. this is a cheeseburger to have 780 cal ores and 9 grams of fat. and that doesn't sound bad for fast food but these are youngsters. >> right. and the grahams of fat are the saturated fat so that's the bad fat. it has more total fat. >> and now number three. tell us about here we have kfc. >> kfc is something fried with something fried with a little bit of extra sugar and cholesterol on the side. so this won't go very well and again packaged in a pretty package, making it fun for kids
8:21 am
and it's dangerous. >> and kfc said they offer a variety of kids meal options and they do have meals under 300 calories and around 400 milligrams of sodium. they say this meal is 180 calories so they are good. >> i would challenge people to look at the fat and cholesterol in those challenges. let's go to wendy's. what do we have here? >> a fried chicken sandwich, with a side of french fries and the frosty. because of the dairy drink with sugar and extra fat this one goes over the edge. >> this looks way too teeny. like i feel i could eat four of those. but for the kids, even though it's small, we have to be careful? >> this is going to have well over 30 grams of fat and it is
8:22 am
small and think about what you are eating the adult size and what is going on in your body. >> that is unfortunately. number one as far as the worst you found, this is mcdonald's and it is probably -- no offense to the rest of the restaurants, but probably the most famous when we talk about kids' meals. >> which is the most dangerous. because they have a lot of good marketing sh the pretty packaging and the chocolate milk, the toy that comes with it. so it is very enticing but it also has the worst nutrition alanal sis. >> and again small portions but heavy on things you don't want for kids. >> col your -- calories and fat. >> and the answer would be what? >> you know that other things are healthy. choose other options and go online and look at menu or try cooking at home more. >> a little bit of research
8:23 am
goes a long way. thank you. we appreciate it. sarah, back to you. >> steve, thank you. it is now 8:22 on this wednesday morning. the struggling washington times could get new life in the form of a new owner. we'll have details on that when we come back. and in the next half an hour we are going to check back in with holly who got the national guard highest flying award. we'll talk more about it when we come back.
8:24 am
8:25 am
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welcome back. it's 8:25 on this wednesday. concern is growing over the prospect of a double-dip recession. two key sectors of the economy, housing and jobs, are at the center of the problem. sales of existing homes dropped last month to the lowest level in 15 years. down more than 27%. and the national unemployment rate is at 9.5%. there is some encouraging news. the amount consumers owe on credit cards has dropped to the lowest level in more than 8 years. so if you are looking for work, do not forget to check out our job shop. our job of the day is at the food lyon in waldorf. looking for a part-time pharmacist to work 20 hours a week. if you would like more
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information in this job or any others go to and click on the job shop tab on the top of our home page. the washington times could have a new owner. the times is run by the unification church and the new buyer is a subsidiary of the church. that deal will not be finalized for another 30 days. the tentative agreement comes as the times is facing tough financial problems. right now it's 8:27 on this wednesday morning. up next, more on why michelle rhee is postponing her upcoming wedding. and then it could be christmas before rescue crews get to the 33 miners trapped underground in chile. in the next half an hour lisa van sustern talks about the mental toll of being trapped for so long and what they could be doing to cope in the meantime. we're back after this as fox 5 morning news continues.
8:28 am
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new this morning, d.c. cool
8:31 am
chancellor michelle lee has put her marriage to sacramento mayor has been put on hold. they will now have a smaller ceremony with family and close friends. there was claims of a conflict interest because it was being held at the home of a sacramento developer who has frequent business dealings with the city. >> i wonder what the real reason was but it's not bad to have a small wedding either. >> no, i don't think so. and tucker barnes here with the latest for us. >> off to a cool start out there. cloud cover across the area and temperatures still hanging out in the 60s here in town. 69 in downtown washington. 66 in gaithersburg. we have 66 in quantico. and 63 in culpeper. yesterday's daytime high temperatures were in the mid- 70s. today a little warmer than that. we should see sunshine mixing in here later today and temperature trend in the next couple of days back into the 80s. so low to mid-80s the next couple of days and that will set us up for a nice start to
8:32 am
the weekend with temperatures still at or slightly below where they should be this time of year. 90s back in the forecast toward the end of the weekend and early next week. satellite, quiet conditions. generally an upper-level low moving through and that's responsible for light sprinkles east of fredericksberg at this moment but that will get out of here and we'll see a trend toward more sunshine this afternoon. maybe a partly sunny afternoon. cold front out to the west will bring us cooler and drier weather for the weekend. and mix of sun and clouds out there this morning. most of us will be dry. high temperature warmer than yesterday. 82 degrees with winds out of the north and west at 5-10 miles per hour. 67 tonight and 84 on thursday. friday 81 for an afternoon high. overnight lows in the 50s on friday. cool around here to start the weekend. and then warming up near 90 by sunday.
8:33 am
that's a look at the forecast. sarah and steve, back to you at the desk. >> thank you, tucker. . crews have been able to send down some supplies to the miners but have had little contact with the outside world. it is hard to imagine spending four months in those kind of conditions so joining us now is dr. lisa van sustern, a psychiatrist who has studied and worked with victims of severe psychological stress. thank you so much for coming in today. it's maddening to be stuck underneath the ground for so long but i guess not so for them. this is sort of like home? >> well, yes. although it's horrifying for them, for their families and we're all collectively holding our breath. but for us, regular people, the idea of being in a closed space
8:34 am
stirs up all of our claustrophobic tendencies. these are professionals who know this territory. this is not a foreign land to them, however horrifying, obviously, the circumstances are. >> so what do they need down there in order to not crash under that kind of pressure? the normal everyday things they need to pass time. >> well right now they are working as a team. it's one for all and all for one is the sense i'm getting and this combined collective strength they have as a unit is what will keep them from breaking apart. there are also many things that on the outside we'll be doing. but the sense of working as a team inside with a team outside is what keeps them whole. >> and they have activities to keep them busy. we were talking about beforehand that they have found a way to access some water supply, so they're able to do
8:35 am
work in a sense? >> well amazingly resourceful, they took a backhoe and dug for some water. and it shows they know what they are doing. but we, on the outside, can do some things to be helpful and that is to have a very predictable involvement with them. and this goes for anyone who is struggling with a big challenge. any person who can be the voice that is soothing and keeps you apprised of what is going on and making sure that voice doesn't stir up too much emotion. so we're trying to keep them mindless right now through this struggling time. >> and obviously for the family too, they want to be able to talk with them on a regular ba but should they be talking constantly or is that not a good idea? >> i would not advise a lot of contact with the family. and it should be a sanitized version. just the light -- highlights. because we don't want them to
8:36 am
think here i am trapped without my family. they want to emphasize strength, not weaknesses and emphasize a strong team outside to get them out and that's the message we need to keep on giving them. >> and people may have noticed at home and they had access to a backhoe to do these type of things, you realize they are not in a small tiny hole. they do have access to other areas. how much does that happen them to have an access to an area they are familiar with. >> it's critical. the difference between freaking out probably and being able to survive psychologically. so this is one very positive thing and that these are professionals and for generations have been miners and they know this is a dangerous job and know what they are doing and telling them they are heroes and the world is watching and we know they're going to get out and the muscle of everyone outside, those kind
8:37 am
of messages is what keeps them going. >> well a very trying time for them. it will be interesting to see they deal with this and the outcome. we appreciate you coming in, doctor, thank you very much. 8:36 on this wednesday morning. more on the investigation involving jeep grand cherokee and the toyota matrix and the toyota corolla. then an early heads up as we let you know where weekend work may slow down your drive. so stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. as we take a look at traffic right now at the 66 and the beltway. we're back after this.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
you can expect major delays driving on i-66 this weekend. all part of the hot lane project. starting on friday, at 7:00 p.m., so the tail end of your commute home on friday, eastbound 66 will be down to just one lane between nutley street and the beltway. in addition, the right exit ramp to the inner loop will be closed. and the ramps for nutley street to eastbound 66 will also be shut down. it's going to stay that way all weekend. so if you're heading into town from virginia on 66, be aware of that. you're down to within lane before you get to the beltway. all lanes will reopen by 5:00 a.m. on monday for the commute but there will be a new traffic
8:41 am
pattern. for more information go to investigators are working now to determine whether chrysler needs to issue a recall on about 3 million jeep grand cherokees. it would effect model years 1993 to 2004. here is the issue. whether or not the placement of the gas tank on the suv can lead to a fire in rear end crashes or roll overs. and advocacy group said chris lear -- chrysler is cooperating. government officials have stopped short of announcing a recall. investigation covering 2 million cars for 2005-2007. and this year is the annual pups in the park event. >> so how should you prep your dog with a big event with a lot
8:42 am
of people. plus some advice for owners when we come back. and good morning. we are live where the 113th wing of the air national guard just won a top award. one thing they do is take v.i.p.s on special trips and we'll take you on board the plane and talk to the crew. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
welcome back. here is a fact for you. the washington, d.c. area is home to the top flying unit in the country. >> well holly knows that. she's at andrew's afb and telling us more about it. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. each year the air national guard of the united states gives the spots award to its top flying unit within the national guard and it happens to go to the 113th wing -- it's the 113th wing of the d.c. air national guard and within that
8:46 am
week there are two squadrons that do all of the flying and the 201 squadron we'll talk about right now with the help of colleen o'connor. and it is 201st, right? >> yes. >> reporter: i'm learning a lot this morning. and explain the 201st. >> we basically fly around the diplomats of the country, the military and civilian leadership. we do congressional missions. >> reporter: where you have gone? >> pretty much everywhere. i've never been to antarctica but that's on the list e. and tell us about the plane you fly and any special things? >> this is the boeing business version, we it's very reliable, one of the most reliable in the entire air force. it allows us to get into many
8:47 am
place that's other military aircraft can't go. it's painted white so it looks like your traditional civilian aircraft so we go in a little bit undercover and our passengers are very important so it keeps them hidden and it has a hud which allows us to land -- it has auto land and we can land without seeing the runway. >> reporter: wow! >> so it's unlimited so get in and get these diplomats where they need to be. >> reporter: your favorite mission? >> probably flying the first lady. she's a wonderful person to meet. >> reporter: and you are a wonderful person to meet. and it takes a crew to fly the airplane and let me introduce you to staff sergeant mcnamara who is a flight attendant here.
8:48 am
>> thank you. >> reporter: were you excited? >> yes i was. >> reporter: and tell me about what you do on board? >> i'm a flight attendant and we carry v.i.p.s, up to 34 passengers at a time and sometimes it's general staff officers, codeel or whamo, white house personnel. >> reporter: no plane i've been on has a couch with pillows. what kind of typical service do you have serve? meals, movies? >> if it's long, we give them menu option and they can choose from the options. sometimes they have dietary needs or restrictions and it can be restricted to something due to their age or medical reasons and on a short flight
8:49 am
it's more than snacks. so we buy healthier nuts, sodas and special drinks. >> reporter: and your most memberrable flights so far? >> to the mideast, it was fast and one of the most interesting trips i've been on. >> reporter: you are one of the most interesting person i've ever minute. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: it's good to get recognized for it. again, this is the 201st squadron. there is 121st squad ron that answers the air scare and we're learn more about them. and i don't think there is any couches on they are plane but we'll see. >> thank you so much, holly. we appreciate it. well if you are a dog owner then you know crowds and commotion cannot only make dogs anxious but spark aggressiveness. although this behavior is understandable, it can be
8:50 am
combated. christian is the owner of fit care for pets, and just in time for the pups in the park. and we have kennedy here. now if going out to nats park on sunday, there is going to be a lot of dogs and fireworks and that's a big issue for dogs. and what about bringing out pups to the park, is there anything they can do before they get there. >> well first of all you want to take responsibility for your pet. unlike kennedy would is very low key and relaxed, some dogs get excited around large groups. so one of the things you want to do is be acare of what is going on with your pet. and part of being a responsible
8:51 am
person is to get your pet squared away if something happens, you don't have to worry about that aspect of things. and another thing is to make sure you are aware of where the water stations on. the nats have been great as far as establishing areas for you and your pet to go to that have water, that have sod laid down for potty breaks and what not. >> it should go without saying -- clean up after your dog. >> that's part of what we're doing there, is helping out with the dogs, making sure everybody is if good form. but you also need to pay attention to when your dog starts to interact with other dogs. make sure if they start playing with one another, that you are paying attention to what is going on, you're looking to see if they are getting rough and if they are, make sure you step in quickly to separate them. another way to make sure things are easy to leave toys at home because sometimes the dogs will get possessive of what is
8:52 am
theres and if another dog comes over and thinks the die is great, -- if the dog comes over and could be tired. they could have running before the park and something that makes sure they are less keyed- up when showing up to the park. >> and it helps for people that have a pet maybe that they haven't been out alone. so maybe arranged play dates to get them accustomed to other dogs. >> definitely. and if you haven't done that, this is a good way to provide shock therapy to your dog, bringing him into an environment that will be packed with hundreds of dogs at this point. and just make sure you are the persons that in charge of what is going on, that your fully aware of what your dag is doing every moment.
8:53 am
obviously we want to sit down and enjoy the park and the game but part of that is making sure your pets have a good time. >> i think kennedy here can hold his own and will probably be able to at pups in the park this weekend. sunday at 1:35 is the game starts. >> i think the gates open a couple of hours ahead of time and you can come in early and take a tour. >> reporter: and there are tickets for dog owners specifically? >> they are. typically they're going very fast. the previous three events they've put on, things have gone really quickly. but if you go to there are tickets available for humans and dogs. >> christian do you known, with fetch day care. thanks for joining us. if you have a human addition to your fyou want to know that babies "r" us
8:54 am
and toys "r" us are encouraging parents to buy replacement toys at a discount. it's the third great trade-in where parents are bring in old cribs and car seats in exchange for a 25% sale. it's now # -- 8:54 this morning. coming up during the 9:00 hour, we'll talk with a housing expert for more on what new news means for our yeah and what it means if you're looking to buy or sell. that's coming up after 9:00. we're back after this.
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so a family photo in front of the wisconsin state capitol captured a crime. look at the background, to the
8:58 am
right of the gentleman. they were using the self timer and while their back was turned someone stole the wallet. they recognized the man stealing the gear and when they found him he was still with the bag and he has pled not guilty. >> wouldn't you know there are cameras everywhere these days sow might want to be careful. time to turn things over to tony and gurvir for the 9:00 hour. here are some stories following for the 9:00 hour. we continue to follow breaking news out of -- out of montgomery county. an accident involving a ride-on bus in rockville. we have a crew on the scene and we'll bring you more in a few moments. and also the race for d.c. mayor makes a stop at the board of elections office. we'll tell you what mayor fenty wants changes that to change the upcoming primary election.
8:59 am
and parents you know getting people to eat healthy -- getting children to eat healthy is a tough thing. we'll talk about it. and we have tucker barnes standing by with the latest on the forecast. >> good morning. a little sunshine breaking out here in northwest washington. probably for you too. so look out your window as we're in for a nicer day than yesterday. sunshine and warmer temperatures on way. currently 69 degrees at reagan national. humidity is 73%. winds out of the north and west at 5 miles per hour. and our pressure is 29.96 inches. looking at the satellite radar, fairly quiet conditions here in the washington area. still some cloud cover lingering. area of low pressure off the coast and that's pushing up toward boston. and you can see the upper level low hanging back in washington. but we're starting to see breaks in the clouds and it should be improvement over yesterday with partial sunshine for most of the


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